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Setting up VLAN tagging on an OpenWRT router (My Net N750)


I have pfSense box running with an Intel PCI dual-port gigabit NIC. However, I’ve recently discovered that this PCI card draws around 10 watts. (I unplugged the PCI card and measured on my Kill-A-Watt.) So, I came up with a different idea: use an OpenWRT device ahead of the pfsense box to VLAN-tag WAN vs […]

Poojan Wagh Blog


pigeons,pigeons I love pigeons! 4 people like this post. Like Unlike

Kingston SV100S264G 64GB Benchmarks


m using a couple of these for log devices (ZIL). I’ve benchmarked them before, but the system is way more stable (got rid of some old SATA cables etc). I removed them from the tank, and here are some dd benchmarks:

They’re roughly in the 150 MB/s range with large (4MB) records, and 32 […]

SSD investigations on my ZFS server


From a previous post, I noticed the SSD that I’m using in my server showed only a 50 MB/s write speed. That’s weird because the specs show around 145 MB/s. So, I decided to investigate some more. I removed the SSD from the zpool and did some dd tests on it. That last run (which […]

My dd-wrt crontab


here it is: Couple of customizations here. First, I’ve modified the wrtbmon script to not rely on sort, since it doesn’t exist in Buffalo’s DD-WRT. Also, I’ve set up a small script to format ip_conntrack as HTML. This is so I can keep tabs to see if my QoS settings are working. Be the first […]

Fixing CrashPlan (in the presence of native JDK/JRE)


I recently installed subsonic, which has a Java dependency. The www/subsonic port installed Java. Unfortunately, this (or something else I did) broke CrashPlan (which uses the Linux Java in the java/linux-sun-jre16 port). I had to take a few unexpected steps to fix this. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

ZFS / NFSv4 ACL’s for a public Samba share


I’ve finally taken the time to figure things out step-by-step. NFSv4 ACL’s, which are supported by ZFS on FreeBSD (and Solaris) are pretty cool. However, I’ve never really understand how they work. By taking the time to use the command-line, I’ve figured out what I think is a good approach for a public share–one where […]

Convert Windows Live Movie Maker to Windows DVD Maker (approximately)


What does this menu choice from Windows Live Movie Maker look like to you: Well, to my wife, it looked like Windows Live Movie Maker could make DVD’s. I don’t blame her. I mean, the thing has “Movie Maker” in its name—and it has a “Burn a DVD” menu option. She spent about an hour […]

Partitioning with gpt


Sometime ago, I setup a ZFS system using glabel on FreeBSD. I recently stumbled across this FreeBSD diary entry, which describes to do almost the same thing using gpt. I like this method better, because it results in a partition that is on a 4kB boundary, which works better for some hard drives (whose sector […]

Getting vim to match begin/end


The default vim has a matchpairs option which matches pairs of single bytes. However, I have a file which has a lot of nested conditions, and the language requires begin/end pairs for multi-line conditionals. I know I have more begin statements than end statements. So, I need help from vim in matching these up. As […]