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Kingston SV100 64 GB (SV100S264G) Sequential Random Write Benchmark


This SSD caught my eye as a ZIL. I wonder how it compares to my previously benchmarked (a number of times) Kingston SV100 64 GB SSD. I decided to remove it from the ZIL and try it out. I wanted to make sure I exercise the sequential writes (which is all I really care about […]

Kingston SV100S264G 64GB Benchmarks


m using a couple of these for log devices (ZIL). I’ve benchmarked them before, but the system is way more stable (got rid of some old SATA cables etc). I removed them from the tank, and here are some dd benchmarks:

They’re roughly in the 150 MB/s range with large (4MB) records, and 32 […]

Installing FreeBSD from USB (created using Windows)


Be careful. You’re creating a FreeBSD boot image using Windows. It’s sometimes difficult to see which hard disk you’re writing to. See here: Writing FreeBSD memstick.img to a USB drive in Windows « Koitsu’s Blog Download dd for Windows here: – download. I chose beta 0.6.3. Unzip it, and take a look at the […]