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IPv4 VPN pfSense tests


Looking at Windscribe VPN and wondering how much crypto capability impacts VPN conneciton. One thing I noticed while doing this is that Windscribe seems to load-balance heavily in the Texas area. My IP address would change pretty much with each connection. First, here’s Windscribe connecting through the IP (SoftLayer). This is a really fast […]

HP 350 G1 i3-4005U DDR3 Benchmarks


I recently bought this laptop. It came with 4GB of DDR3L-1600 CAS-11 memory. I also recently purchased a pair of 8GB OF DDR3L-1600 CAS-9 memory, figuring that this pair would allow for dual-channel acces and also that the CAS-9 would improve performance (not to mention that the extra memory in general would also help). I […]

Crucial m550 128GB SSD benchmark


Fresh out of the box:

Curiously, there are no firmware updates for this drive (nor the m500). Guess Crucial got it right the first time. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Crucial m500 120GB benchmarks


The latest in my obsession with SSD’s. I jumped on a $70 deal at NewEgg. I bought it to use as a SLOG (ZIL) in my ZFS server, because of its write speeds and because of its power loss protection. I immediately updated the MU03 firmware to MU05. This may be with a SATA II […]

More ZIL/SLOG comparisons


Suspicious of my previous tests using iozone, I wrote a small program (that follows) to measure synchronous write speed. I tested this with and without an SLOG device, and then used a really fast Plextor M5 Pro 256GB SSD as the SLOG. I wanted to make sure that something could achieve the fast SLOG speed […]

SLOG tests on a 32GB Kingston SSD with iozone


This is a follow-up on my previous post. I ran iozone both with and without the [ccie]-e[/ccie] flag. This flag includes a sync/flush in the speed calculations. This flush should tell ZFS to commit the in-process data to disk, thus flushing it to the SLOG device (or to the on-disk ZIL). I ran 4 tests: […]

Samba ZFS performance (sequential)


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Kingston SV100 64 GB (SV100S264G) Sequential Random Write Benchmark


This SSD caught my eye as a ZIL. I wonder how it compares to my previously benchmarked (a number of times) Kingston SV100 64 GB SSD. I decided to remove it from the ZIL and try it out. I wanted to make sure I exercise the sequential writes (which is all I really care about […]

Plextor 256GB M5 Pro SSD Benchmark


Using Crystal Disk Mark and stock firmware (just got it yesterday). Drive label says firmware 1.02. Formated at NTFS with default settings. After upgrade to latest firmware (1.05): New firmware greatly improved queue depth of 32 (QD=32) performance. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Bonnie++ benchmarks on ZFS


Summary Version 1.96 Sequential Output Sequential Input Random Seeks Sequential Create Random Create Size Per Char Block Rewrite Per Char Block Num Files Create Read Delete Create Read Delete K/sec % CPU K/sec % CPU K/sec % CPU K/sec % CPU K/sec % CPU /sec % CPU /sec % CPU /sec % CPU /sec % […]