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Crucial m500 120GB benchmarks

The latest in my obsession with SSD’s. I jumped on a $70 deal at NewEgg. I bought it to use as a SLOG (ZIL) in my ZFS server, because of its write speeds and because of its power loss protection.

I immediately updated the MU03 firmware to MU05.

This may be with a SATA II (3 Gbps) cable:

Wha? The 4K random write is quite low. Let’s repeat:

Little better at 76 MB/s random 4k write, but not the 120 MB/s that I expected.

Let’s try the native SATA III port and a shorter cable:

Wow! that sequential read is fast. But, the random write (QD=1) is still disappointing. What gives?

Post Script

Looks like someone else gets similar results, which don’t line up with what TweakTown measured.

Oh, well. The power loss protection is important, and it really only matters how the drive performs in the ZIL. Hopefully, I’ll see closer to 140MB/s rather than 65 MB/s.

Update 2014-04-09

Tried re-running with Intel’s RST driver:

Slightly better, but still no 120 MB/s. I have a feeling that something changed with the latest firmware. Wish I had run this before I upgraded.

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