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Category Archives: Hosted Web

Disk space calculation for streaming my music


I’ve been wondering how much disk space I would need if I wanted to run an ampache server on my web host. I get 10 GB of space on my web host. Is it enough to house copies of my music? Even if I down-graded them to 64 kbs AAC+? Last night, I went through […]

Setting up bags, recipes, and users in TiddlyWeb(Wiki)


Up to now, I’ve been using TiddlyWeb as a server-hosted version of TiddlyWiki. This is a fraction of what’s possible with TiddlyWeb. One can create bags which are self-contained stores of tiddlers. One can combine these bags using recipes. Different users can have access to different bags and to different recipes. By default, TiddlyWebWiki comes […]

Setting up TiddlyWeb (TiddlyWiki)


I’ve been a fan of TiddlyWiki for a long time now. It’s an HTML file that contains self-editing powers. You download this file, load it in your web browser, and it presents a note-taking application where the notes are stored within that same HTML file (very portable). I really like this functionality, but I’d like […]

Bash script to search for 3-letter domains


Here it is for the TLD: And here it is for the TLD: You’ll note that the expression being ed for is different between the two: there’s no universal method of detecting the existence/non-existence of domains that works for all TLD’s. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Using self-hosted URL shortener YOURLS


While setting this up, I noticed that there’s an option for a self-hosted URL shortener called YOURLS. This thing rocks! It shortens URL’s, collects statistics, and allows custom shortened URL’s.