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Disk space calculation for streaming my music


I’ve been wondering how much disk space I would need if I wanted to run an ampache server on my web host. I get 10 GB of space on my web host. Is it enough to house copies of my music? Even if I down-graded them to 64 kbs AAC+? Last night, I went through […]

Tried out trunk version of Ampache


Unfortunately, it’s got some database error (at least with FreeBSD 8 + MySQL). Every time I add a catalog (my eMusic collection for example), it cuts out at 95 songs. (I have over 1000 songs in my eMusic folder.) Guess I’ll wait until it’s release ready. Don’t get me wrong: I love the work the […]

Setting up aacplusenc with Ampache


AAC+ (also called HE-AAC) is a method to lower the bit rate of AAC (LC-AAC) while maintaining the audio fidelity. There‚Äôs a really good paper from the makers of AAC+ here. Seeing how I just set up ampache, and I have low upstream bandwidth, I decided to get AAC+ going. It was a little bit […]