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Disk space calculation for streaming my music

I’ve been wondering how much disk space I would need if I wanted to run an ampache server on my web host. I get 10 GB of space on my web host. Is it enough to house copies of my music? Even if I down-graded them to 64 kbs AAC+?

Last night, I went through all my music and found duplicates files. I’m now down to (according to dirstat) about:

FLAC: 25.7 GB
MP3: 27.4 GB
M4A: 7.8 GB

The FLAC is around 700 kbps (CD is 1411 kbps and I’m assuming 50% compression). I’m estimating the MP3’s (conservatively) to be 200 kbps. The M4A are probably around 200 kbps as well.

So, when compressed, this would end up being around:

FLAC: 2.4 GB
MP3: 8.8 GB
M4A: 2.5 GB

Total: 13.7 GB

I generally can’t notice the difference at 64 kbps AAC+. However, this is a bit past what I have available right now. Also, I’d be paying for high bandwidth yet using low bandwidth to stream. I’ll think about it.

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