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Mobile phones, wireless internet.

Mobile VOIP Calculation (for PlatinumTel / ptel)


Update on 2014-01-29 It looks like I was off by a penny for the fee. It’s really 1¢/minute, not 2¢/minute. This means that the overall calculation ends up being about 3.23¢/minute, not 4.23¢/minute. This is decently below the 5¢/minute for PlatinumTel. No idea if it performs well (in terms of latency and drop-outs). Below […]

Ampache (+Mobile) Rocks!


For a while, I’ve been wondering when Apple will finally ditch the put-storage-in-the-iPod-and-sync-to-your-computer model and just let you keep a library of music in the cloud and stream it. I thought that day was here when Apple bought Lala. It hasn’t come. (Yet.) For a long time, I’ve been using my 8GB nano and using […]

Verizon (WiFi) Tether Options


Our company is switching to Verizon. Currently, we’re a hodgepodge of AT&T and Sprint. Most of us have 4G data cards. The idea is that we switch our mobiles to Verizon and possibly use the tethering available on Verizon phones. Here’s my attempt to lay out the tethering options (as of March 2010): Be the […]