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Linux/Unix based computers, including NAS servers, VPN servers, cron-running machines, and desktop workstations.

Backing up to Koofr using Restic/Rclone


Koofr is a pretty good deal: it’s 1TB of storage for a lifetime through Stack Social, for around $170. If you get a discount from Stack Social (like when I wrote this, during their Black Friday special), you can get that 1TB lifetime for $102—the prevailing discount of 40% for software during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.* […]

Folding-at-Home on FreeBSD in an iocage jail


Given the urgency for research on the novel COVID-19 virus, I have been running Rosetta@Home and Folding@Home on my Windows machine. BOINC (which powers Rosetta@Home) runs reasonably well on FreeBSD with some special instructions. I also wanted to run Folding@Home. I currently have a Linux VM in bhyve to do so. But, that is rather […]

Jailed SyncThing using iocage on FreeBSD 12


So, we’ve been hitting the 1TB bandwidth limit in our household. The majority of our use is video streaming. However, while keeping tabs on our usage, I did identify some room for improvement in the use of OneDrive for file synchronization. They way things work right now is that I upload all my photos (mostly […]

Making PlexPass Work


I’ve been using Plex for quite a while. You have to jump through some hoops (it only supports MKV files, not DVD or Blu-Ray directory structures), but it does in the end work quite well with my Fire TV stick and with the Google Nexus Player (Android TV). I recently got a PlexPass subscription. This […]

Setting up an FTP-only user on FreeBSD


I recently bought an IP camera. (To be honest, I went on a bit of a shopping spree for IP cameras.) These cameras support FTP as a storage mechanism for video and snapshots (motion-detecting for example). As a result, I wanted to set up an FTP user on my FreeBSD machine. Iniitally, I tried creating […]

Crucial m550 128GB as ZIL/SLOG (the ZIL really does limit your performance)


I got my hands on an m550 128GB drive (for around $75 with the recent pre-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas discounts). Here are some comparisons between my old ZIL (the m500 128GB) and the new one: ZIL Throughput (sustained) MB/s none 195.6 m500 128GB 124.0 m550 128GB 265.9 Here are some snippets of zpool isotat output: No ZIL


Crucial m550 128GB SSD benchmark


Fresh out of the box:

Curiously, there are no firmware updates for this drive (nor the m500). Guess Crucial got it right the first time. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

12V dc adapter efficiency measurement


So, you remember that pfSense build that I talked about before? Well, it was drawing around 25 W. I know, right? Unacceptable! So, one of the things I tried to figure out is what the main power draw is. The PicoPSU accepts a 12V input. Could the ac/dc adapter be hurting my efficiency? The adapter […]

I get my wish (a pfSense router)


Remember back when I was considering a pfSense build? Well, it turns out it was a lot easier than I though. I realized I could buy (for about $7) an Intel dual-PCI Ethernet card (HP NC7170), and the $6 riser card would allow me to fit it into my case. (I had to do a […]

Arch Linux ARM on a Pogoplug Series 4


I followed the directions here: Pogoplug Series 4 | Arch Linux ARM. It took only about 15 minutes, and the iperf scores are outstanding:

The install was on an 2.5″ SSD disk I had laying around, which explains the fast install. But that’s the point–the pogoplug 4 has a SATA port, so I can […]