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Making duplicity and ncftpput play nice with vsftpd FTP daemon


I’ve been setting up yet another remote backup lately (see associated problem here). For this purpose (on Unix), the duplicity solution looks ideal. However, I’ve tried it on a couple of lightweight FTP servers (a TL-WDR3600 and a Raspberry Pi) and neither of them work. I keep getting a “Permission Denied” message. I did quite […]

Crashplan running on FreeBSD


Just gathering bits of information on how to get this done: The first set of instructions (for FreeBSD 7.x) was here:CrashPlan on FreeBSD HOWTO This didn’t work that well on FreeBSD 8.x. There was some problem with epoll. The breakthrough came from Aaron here: Add to the bin/run.conf for the engine. Finally, here’s an […]

Setting up automated ZFS snapshots on FreeBSD


Using the port sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt. The make is taking a while, because it had to pull in Ruby. Luckily, my new FreeBSD machine has a whopping 160 GB hard drive. No worries. However, I wonder if I should’ve used the alternative. Just didn’t want to install something that doesn’t register with the FreeBSD packages/ports. Initially left […]