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Crashplan running on FreeBSD

Just gathering bits of information on how to get this done:

The first set of instructions (for FreeBSD 7.x) was here:CrashPlan on FreeBSD HOWTO

This didn’t work that well on FreeBSD 8.x. There was some problem with epoll. The breakthrough came from Aaron here:

Add to the bin/run.conf for the engine.

Finally, here’s an rc.d startup script for Crashplan running on FreeBSD – 1st Byte Solutions.

When I tried starting crashplan manually, it initially had a hard time finding my /tank mount point. Seems like linux compat on FreeBSD didn’t want to mount it. I played around with a bunch of stuff, including trying out nullfs (I didn’t have that kernel module built, so I had to rebuild it). I’m not sure what I did (maybe built the nullfs module) but eventually, it was able to find my /tank mount point without doing anything fancy.

graphic of selecting files to upload, including those in /tank ZFS pool

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