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Keeping FreeBSD TCP performance in the midst of a highly-buffered connection


I was perplexed recently, when I began an rsync job to a raspberry pi server. I know exactly what limits the bandwidth of this connection–it is the CPU (or network) on the Raspberry Pi, which cannot accept data fast enough. So, even though my server is on a 1 Gbit/s interface, and the Raspberry Pi […]

Debugging USB 3.0 Interrupts


I’m seeing interrupt storm errors. I’ve also noticed that my USB 3.0 GoFlex 2TB drive (which I have to brag I bought for $67 back in 2009 or so) seems to be intermittently absent from my ZFS pool. Here’s a vmstat: Notice the crazy > 7000 interrupt rate on irq16. Note that one downside of […]

RAIDZ bonnie++ measurements


Just rebuilt my ZFS pool using RAIDZ:

So, time for another bonnie++ benchmark (all interfering service disabled including powerd): Version 1.96 Sequential Output Sequential Input Random Seeks Sequential Create Random Create Size Per Char Block Rewrite Per Char Block Num Files Create Read Delete Create Read Delete K/sec % CPU K/sec % CPU K/sec […]

Subsonic can’t bind to address on FreeBSD dual stack


Either build Java without IPv6, or you need the following in /etc/rc.conf: (The is if you’re running without an X console.) Also, delete everyting in except for and and rename these and respectively. Make sure is the owner of everything (including your subsonic databases in ). While you’re here, edit and change to (just an […]

Creating static adaX mappings for FreeBSD drives


I recently had a problem with ZFS. I went back to not using glabel, mainly because I wanted to force 4KB sector alignment on my drives and therefore used a gnop trick. About a month after doing so, I shuffled my drives around. I had ada4 and ada5 set up in a mirror configuration. At […]

HP L7600/L7650 and Samba/FreeBSD


This all-in-one printer can scan to a Windows share. I have a Windows share hosted by Samba on FreeBSD. Unfortunately, the printer/scanner intermittently (and pretty often) says it can’t find my FreeBSD machine when I–or more importantly my wife tries to scan a document. I went pretty deep on this and took a packet capture: […]

Fixing CrashPlan (in the presence of native JDK/JRE)


I recently installed subsonic, which has a Java dependency. The www/subsonic port installed Java. Unfortunately, this (or something else I did) broke CrashPlan (which uses the Linux Java in the java/linux-sun-jre16 port). I had to take a few unexpected steps to fix this. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Crashplan running on FreeBSD


Just gathering bits of information on how to get this done: The first set of instructions (for FreeBSD 7.x) was here:CrashPlan on FreeBSD HOWTO This didn’t work that well on FreeBSD 8.x. There was some problem with epoll. The breakthrough came from Aaron here: Add to the bin/run.conf for the engine. Finally, here’s an […]

Putting freebsd /tmp and /var on a memory disk (md)


I’ve installed a FreeBSD system using gmirror onto a couple of USB drives. I’ve noticed that there’s a considerable lag when I’m doing certain things (running for example). I’ve narrowed it down to the and file systems. These two file systems get written to often during normal system operation. I’ve recently aleviated this problem using […]

Partitioning for ZFS


Have 3 drives: 1.5 TB WD15EARS, 1 TB Fantom Green (eSATA), 2 TB WD20EARS. First, did a: server# gpart add -b 2048 -s 2929865452 -t freebsd-zfs -l WD15EARS ada0 ada0p1 added server# gpart add -b 2048 -s 1953113452 -t freebsd-zfs -l FANTOM1TB ada1 ada1p1 added server# gpart add -b 2048 -s 3906617452 -t freebsd-zfs -l […]