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Folding-at-Home on FreeBSD in an iocage jail


Given the urgency for research on the novel COVID-19 virus, I have been running Rosetta@Home and Folding@Home on my Windows machine. BOINC (which powers Rosetta@Home) runs reasonably well on FreeBSD with some special instructions. I also wanted to run Folding@Home. I currently have a Linux VM in bhyve to do so. But, that is rather […]

Jailed SyncThing using iocage on FreeBSD 12


So, we’ve been hitting the 1TB bandwidth limit in our household. The majority of our use is video streaming. However, while keeping tabs on our usage, I did identify some room for improvement in the use of OneDrive for file synchronization. They way things work right now is that I upload all my photos (mostly […]

Set up vimage/vnet jail on FreeBSD 8.2


With epair, there are two interfaces created and that are direct connections between each other (like an Ethernet cable). When used with jails using an command, one side ( for example) sgoes inside the jail. Since the other side of this virtual direct-connection stays on the outside of the jail, the pairs act as an […]