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Samba ZFS performance (sequential)


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FreeBSD 9.0 post-install Samba performance


Note that the Samba shares resides in a ZFS pool with dedup turned on. Since the blocks that make up the file being sent are probably already on the pool, it’s not necessarily writing the block data to disk. Using the same method as last time: Whoa. That’s way worse than before. Let’s re-run each: […]

Samba FreeBSD 8.2 benchmarks (pre-upgrade to FreeBSD 9.0)


I’m about to upgrade to FreeBSD. While I csup the latest RELENG-9.0 branch, I’m looking at my Samba performance on 8.2. I’m measuring a copy of to the Samba server using the following batch file (taken from here): That’s a 1751164811 byte file, so that’s 21.59 MiB/s. To receive: This is a 2,388,531,200 byte file, […]

HP L7600/L7650 and Samba/FreeBSD


This all-in-one printer can scan to a Windows share. I have a Windows share hosted by Samba on FreeBSD. Unfortunately, the printer/scanner intermittently (and pretty often) says it can’t find my FreeBSD machine when I–or more importantly my wife tries to scan a document. I went pretty deep on this and took a packet capture: […]

ZFS / NFSv4 ACL’s for a public Samba share


I’ve finally taken the time to figure things out step-by-step. NFSv4 ACL’s, which are supported by ZFS on FreeBSD (and Solaris) are pretty cool. However, I’ve never really understand how they work. By taking the time to use the command-line, I’ve figured out what I think is a good approach for a public share–one where […]

Samba and ZFS (NFSv4) ACL settings for FreeBSD


My latest security schemees that I’ve mapped the Samba guest user to a new user “samba_guest”. I’ve made nobody the owner of public shares. I’ve removed the allow settings for the “nobody” user. I then enable everyone to read: Note that I’ve set up Samba with the ZFS ACL module. For each share, I’ve added […]

Re-doing Public Samba Share with FreeBSD/ZFS


This time, I’m going to to try using FreeBSD’s support for NFS ACL’s, using as a reference: server# zfs set aclmode=passthrough tank/Users server# zfs set aclinherit=passthrough tank/Users I created ZFS filesystems within tank/Users/Public like so: [cce_bash] server% cat #!/bin/sh u=”$1″ zfs create tank/Users/$u chown nobody:nogroup /tank/Users/$u for d in “Documents” “Music” “Videos” “Pictures”; […]

Setting up public (anonymous) shares on Samba


It’s documented here: However, I only found this post after learning each lesson individually. I wanted to set up a \\server\Public share that anyone on the network could connect to. Certain users can write, but everyone can read. I tried enabling in (and changed the file/directory masks, so anyone can read by default): [cc_ini] […]

Tuning FreeBSD for Samba network performance


I’ve already compiled a custom kernel that enables polling. I’m now following in : Luckily, I had already built samba with AIO support. In : In : in : See also Nuts. Still topping out at 11 MB/s. Wonder if it’s the disk, or if it’s the Windows 7 machine that I’m using […]

Sharing Samba shares between users


As far as the UNIX groups, etc., I created a UNIX group called [cci]Users[/cci] to house the entire family. The UNIX directory [cci]/tank/Users/Public[/cci] has the group set to [cci]Users[/cci]. So, only members of the group can read/write (at the UNIX) level, and only the wife and I can write at the Samba level.