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FreeBSD 9.0 post-install Samba performance


Note that the Samba shares resides in a ZFS pool with dedup turned on. Since the blocks that make up the file being sent are probably already on the pool, it’s not necessarily writing the block data to disk. Using the same method as last time: Whoa. That’s way worse than before. Let’s re-run each: […]

Corsair USB 3.0 16GB CMFVYGT3-16GB speed test


Looks basically like that other Corsair I bought a month ago. I basically bought another one so I can set up my FreeBSD root as a mirror of two 16 GB USB drives that are relatively fast for USB (even in a USB 2.0 port). This is in a USB 3.0 port:

Be the […]

Samba FreeBSD 8.2 benchmarks (pre-upgrade to FreeBSD 9.0)


I’m about to upgrade to FreeBSD. While I csup the latest RELENG-9.0 branch, I’m looking at my Samba performance on 8.2. I’m measuring a copy of to the Samba server using the following batch file (taken from here): That’s a 1751164811 byte file, so that’s 21.59 MiB/s. To receive: This is a 2,388,531,200 byte file, […]

ZFS performance metrics with iozone


I ran iozone on many different ZFS pool configurations, to get an idea of which drives are best for L2ARC (cache) and the ZIL. I also wanted to get an idea of whether using gpart affects performance. The configurations shown in the tables below have the formation [cache]_[gpart/gnop]_[zil]. Where [cache] is the L2ARC type. [gpart/gnop] […]