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Samba FreeBSD 8.2 benchmarks (pre-upgrade to FreeBSD 9.0)


I’m about to upgrade to FreeBSD. While I csup the latest RELENG-9.0 branch, I’m looking at my Samba performance on 8.2. I’m measuring a copy of to the Samba server using the following batch file (taken from here): That’s a 1751164811 byte file, so that’s 21.59 MiB/s. To receive: This is a 2,388,531,200 byte file, […]

ZFS performance metrics with iozone


I ran iozone on many different ZFS pool configurations, to get an idea of which drives are best for L2ARC (cache) and the ZIL. I also wanted to get an idea of whether using gpart affects performance. The configurations shown in the tables below have the formation [cache]_[gpart/gnop]_[zil]. Where [cache] is the L2ARC type. [gpart/gnop] […]