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NFSv4 ACL history


Good summary of NFSv4 ACL’s (and their history): Implementing Native NFSv4 ACLs in Linux (by Greg Banks at SGI). Be the first to like. Like Unlike

ZFS / NFSv4 ACL’s for a public Samba share


I’ve finally taken the time to figure things out step-by-step. NFSv4 ACL’s, which are supported by ZFS on FreeBSD (and Solaris) are pretty cool. However, I’ve never really understand how they work. By taking the time to use the command-line, I’ve figured out what I think is a good approach for a public share–one where […]

Samba and ZFS (NFSv4) ACL settings for FreeBSD


My latest security schemees that I’ve mapped the Samba guest user to a new user “samba_guest”. I’ve made nobody the owner of public shares. I’ve removed the allow settings for the “nobody” user. I then enable everyone to read: Note that I’ve set up Samba with the ZFS ACL module. For each share, I’ve added […]

Re-doing Public Samba Share with FreeBSD/ZFS


This time, I’m going to to try using FreeBSD’s support for NFS ACL’s, using as a reference: server# zfs set aclmode=passthrough tank/Users server# zfs set aclinherit=passthrough tank/Users I created ZFS filesystems within tank/Users/Public like so: [cce_bash] server% cat #!/bin/sh u=”$1″ zfs create tank/Users/$u chown nobody:nogroup /tank/Users/$u for d in “Documents” “Music” “Videos” “Pictures”; […]