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Ansible Playbook to Create Windows Ansible User (bootstrap)


In my last post, I looked at setting up WinRM to give Ansible remote access in to a Windows computer. Presumably, one would use a regular administrative account to do so. However, there are some reasons a regular user account would be less desirable. Namely, that in the Ansible hosts file, the password has to […]

Convert Windows Live Movie Maker to Windows DVD Maker (approximately)


What does this menu choice from Windows Live Movie Maker look like to you: Well, to my wife, it looked like Windows Live Movie Maker could make DVD’s. I don’t blame her. I mean, the thing has “Movie Maker” in its name—and it has a “Burn a DVD” menu option. She spent about an hour […]

Installing FreeBSD from USB (created using Windows)


Be careful. You’re creating a FreeBSD boot image using Windows. It’s sometimes difficult to see which hard disk you’re writing to. See here: Writing FreeBSD memstick.img to a USB drive in Windows « Koitsu’s Blog Download dd for Windows here: – download. I chose beta 0.6.3. Unzip it, and take a look at the […]