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Tried out trunk version of Ampache


Unfortunately, it’s got some database error (at least with FreeBSD 8 + MySQL). Every time I add a catalog (my eMusic collection for example), it cuts out at 95 songs. (I have over 1000 songs in my eMusic folder.) Guess I’ll wait until it’s release ready. Don’t get me wrong: I love the work the […]

Re-labeling my ZFS devices with glabel


As I stated before, I wanted to move the underlying devices in my ZFS pool to glabel-based naming. To do so, I did the following 3 commands: Then, doing a yields: When the resilvering of is done, I’ll do and in a similar manner. This way, I don’t have to plug the USB drives into […]

Horrendous FreeBSD bonniee++ latency


On my ZFS tank: On the SATA internal hard drive: Thought maybe that automatic ZFS snapshots were getting in the way. But no: Test with : ——-Sequential Output——–—Sequential Input––Random– -Per Char-–Block—-Rewrite–-Per Char-–Block—–Seeks— MachineMBK/sec%CPUK/sec%CPUK/sec%CPUK/sec%CPUK/sec%CPU/sec%CPU fbsd8192869834.71201714.0805012.91782864.23848325.7 54.5 1.6 Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Tuning FreeBSD for Samba network performance


I’ve already compiled a custom kernel that enables polling. I’m now following in : Luckily, I had already built samba with AIO support. In : In : in : See also Nuts. Still topping out at 11 MB/s. Wonder if it’s the disk, or if it’s the Windows 7 machine that I’m using […]

Archiving syslog (dmesg)


I’m about to build a FreeBSD kernel, so I decided to keep track of my boot-up console messages. I ran the following: (Replace with a real email address.) Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Wow! Sprint 3G is pretty good on the uplink


Whereas my 4G connection (albeit from my basement) is ~ 3Mbps download and 100 kbps upload, the 3G connection is ~ 1Mbps download but a whopping 410 kbps upload. Latency is also lower (78 ms versus 106 ms). Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Clear conenct manager breaks Sprint 4G hack


I know it was inevitable. I had been using Clear’s Connection manager, since it’s been far superior to Sprint’s. However, today, the connection manager upgraded itself. It no longer recognizes the Sprint network. (Really, Sprint & Clear are the same network. What I mean is that Clear connection manager no longer authenticates using my Sprint […]

Sprint 4G latency


I’m currently using a wireless (fixed, not mobile) ISP. The latency I get using the Motorola Canopy equipment is 22 ms. My download speeds are 1818 kbps. With Sprint’s 4G WiMax, the latency is 106 ms. The download speed is 2.9 Mbps. What has me concerned is that I use this connection to VNC into […]

Setting up automated ZFS snapshots on FreeBSD


Using the port sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt. The make is taking a while, because it had to pull in Ruby. Luckily, my new FreeBSD machine has a whopping 160 GB hard drive. No worries. However, I wonder if I should’ve used the alternative. Just didn’t want to install something that doesn’t register with the FreeBSD packages/ports. Initially left […]