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DHCP trouble in DD-WRT due to broken dnsmasq


I’ve been debugging why my printer won’t receive an IP from my dd-wrt router. (This is a beta version of Buffalo’s branded dd-wrt firmware: DD-WRT v24SP2-EU-US (05/25/11) std – build 17135.) I actually “upgraded” to the beta version while debugging this problem. Originally, I had the release version of Buffalo’s DD-WRT. Anyway, to summarize, it […]

My dd-wrt crontab


here it is: Couple of customizations here. First, I’ve modified the wrtbmon script to not rely on sort, since it doesn’t exist in Buffalo’s DD-WRT. Also, I’ve set up a small script to format ip_conntrack as HTML. This is so I can keep tabs to see if my QoS settings are working. Be the first […]