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Kingston SV100S2/32 and SV100S2/64 benchmarks


Update 2014-04-06: Tests on the 64GB with a $10 Sabrent USB 3.0 Enclosure Added to the end The 64GB SSD has been my solid-state workhorse in my ZFS pool for a while. First, it was the L2ARC, then it was the ZIL. In fact, I used to have two, but I broke the connector off […]

Samba ZFS performance (sequential)


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Kingston SV100 64 GB (SV100S264G) Sequential Random Write Benchmark


This SSD caught my eye as a ZIL. I wonder how it compares to my previously benchmarked (a number of times) Kingston SV100 64 GB SSD. I decided to remove it from the ZIL and try it out. I wanted to make sure I exercise the sequential writes (which is all I really care about […]

Kingston SV100S264G 64GB Benchmarks


m using a couple of these for log devices (ZIL). I’ve benchmarked them before, but the system is way more stable (got rid of some old SATA cables etc). I removed them from the tank, and here are some dd benchmarks:

They’re roughly in the 150 MB/s range with large (4MB) records, and 32 […]

Mushkin Ventura Pro 64GB USB 3.0 Benchmark


As formated out-of-the-box (58.9 GB FAT32):

After hard formatting as exFAT (with default 128kB clusters):

Got it from this slick deal. It actually performs better (on the reads) than advertised (advertised as 120MB/s), and slightly better on the writes (advertised as 70 MB/s). Update Oct 19 I ran some dd tests […]

Plextor 256GB M5 Pro SSD Benchmark


Using Crystal Disk Mark and stock firmware (just got it yesterday). Drive label says firmware 1.02. Formated at NTFS with default settings. After upgrade to latest firmware (1.05): New firmware greatly improved queue depth of 32 (QD=32) performance. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Sandisk 5000 SSD Measurements


These are a couple of old 8GB (7.5GbB). Their specs are like so: Doing sequential read measurements (I have two of these SSD’s, one as tank_zil0 and one as tank_zil1): Doing sequential write measurements: I didn’t want to write directly to the raw device, as I didn’t want to delete the GPT partition table. Anyway, […]

RAIDZ bonnie++ measurements


Just rebuilt my ZFS pool using RAIDZ:

So, time for another bonnie++ benchmark (all interfering service disabled including powerd): Version 1.96 Sequential Output Sequential Input Random Seeks Sequential Create Random Create Size Per Char Block Rewrite Per Char Block Num Files Create Read Delete Create Read Delete K/sec % CPU K/sec % CPU K/sec […]

SSD investigations on my ZFS server


From a previous post, I noticed the SSD that I’m using in my server showed only a 50 MB/s write speed. That’s weird because the specs show around 145 MB/s. So, I decided to investigate some more. I removed the SSD from the zpool and did some dd tests on it. That last run (which […]

FreeBSD 9.0 post-install Samba performance


Note that the Samba shares resides in a ZFS pool with dedup turned on. Since the blocks that make up the file being sent are probably already on the pool, it’s not necessarily writing the block data to disk. Using the same method as last time: Whoa. That’s way worse than before. Let’s re-run each: […]