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Kingston SV100S2/32 and SV100S2/64 benchmarks

Update 2014-04-06: Tests on the 64GB with a $10 Sabrent USB 3.0 Enclosure
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The 64GB SSD has been my solid-state workhorse in my ZFS pool for a while. First, it was the L2ARC, then it was the ZIL.

In fact, I used to have two, but I broke the connector off of one. Which is a different story.

Curiously, I never benchmarked these drives using Crystal Disk Mark. (I did benchmark them several times using dd.) I recently bought the 32GB drive on eBay, and so I took the opportunity to benchmark both.

First, I benchmarked the 32GB via a USB 3.0 dock:

This wasn’t much different than the native SATA performance:

The USB 3.0 and SATA results are the same, except that the queue depth 32 read gets slightly faster on SATA (presumably due to native command queuing).

And finally, here’s the 64 GB numbers (native SATA only):

Update 2014-04-06

Tested the 64GB using a $10 Sabrent USB3.0 bus-powered 2.5″ enclosure. This beats any $30 USB 3.0 drive out there, although it is comparatively bulky (enclosure + cable).

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