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The quest for the perfect router

All I want is a router that supports QoS and IPv6.

I recently upgraded to my cable internet to DOCSIS 3.0, and with it IPv6.

I was using a WD N900 router that I got for cheap at Staples. But, I noticed that the QoS rules don’t apply to IPv6. It would (I assume) prioritize VOIP etc. but the IPv6 wasn’t rate-limited in any way. I could tell this because IPv4 traffic (via a speed test) would follow the upload/download limits I set for QoS, but IPv6 would not.

So, I decided to reuse the Atom D525 board I had and build a pfSense router. Note that this is the second time I’m using pfSense–the previous time was with an old Dell Inspiron laptop.

I went ahead and bought a refurbished mini-ITX case for $30. (The refurb is no longer available.)

Now, I’ve hit a snag: the case I bought won’t fit an expansion card. And, the USB gigabit Ethernet adapter I have periodically disappears from pfSense. This causes the LAN IPv6 (prefix-delegated) address to disappear, which then means all the computers on the LAN lose IPv6 access.

It would, indeed, be better to figure out why the ue ASIX chipset driver (ue0 is the device assigned to the USB Ethernet) loses its mind every now and then. But, I can’t spend that kind of time debugging the problem.

Instead, I plan on installing a PCI Ethernet card that I have laying around. Problem is (once again) that the case I bought does not have a slot for a PCI card. So, I’ll probably take the PCI bracket off the card, stick it in the case, and cut a hole in the case so I can get the Ethernet port out.

It probably won’t be pretty, but I don’t want to spend any more time/money on this.

And that’s my dilemma. I’m sort of a perfectionist about what I want (IPv6 + QoS), and that usually means spending either time or money.

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