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Desktop and workstation topics, such as Windows, utility software, backup, etc. Essentially, home computing.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 Gen 2 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Speed Test


Testing these drives: – Kingston DataTraveler 101 Gen 2 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Cyan) Model DT101G2/4GBZ I got them free with some RAM. Here are the results:

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More flash USB disk tests


Tested some more USB flash drives. Running from my Lenovo work laptop, USB 2.0 only: Random 8G USB from a vendor

Super Talent Express Duo 8GB (capable of USB 3.0, but running in USB 2.0)

Super Talent Pico 16 GB

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Flash disk cost and performance (USB, SSD, SDHC)


I’ve been reading up on using a USB flash drive as an L2ARC for ZFS. Some reason that since the bandwidth of USB is much lower than SATA. However, others reason that since the USB flash drive has no seek time, it will speed up non-sequential reads, which is what the L2ARC is there for. […]

My Windows Home Server Atom D525 Build


My portwell machine finally died. No idea what’s wrong with it. It was never super-reliable to begin with. It would shut down randomly (I presumed due to a flaky power connector—but now I ‘m not so sure). Anyway, I decided to go ahead and build my own Atom D510 PC. This would not normally make […]

Windows Home Server Vail connector install not compatible with NOD32 AV


I’m trying out Windows Home Server preview (Vail). When I try to install the connector software (that allows my desktop PC’s to be consoles into Windows Home Server), I get the following: I tried many things (including diasbling OpenDNS). As it turns out, the problem was my antivirus. When I temporarily disabled the NOD32 antivirus, […]

Looking into building a dual-core ATOM PC computer


I’ve been thinking about building an ATOM-based dual-core PC for a while now. I have the portwell single-core, but I’ve been thinking it might be fun (sort of) to build an enclosed system with a dual-core ATOM, power supply, and a few USB hard drives (because I already have them, that’s why). I’d take a […]

Looking for a new router


Update 2010-06-25 I got the Buffalo WHR-HP-GN. I have it sitting around 10 feet away from my HP PC and it’s connected to my router using 100 Mb/s Ethernet. I just ran a speed test using TTCP, and I get from 2674 KB/s to 3700 KB/s. So, I’m doing about 10x better. Of course, the […]

KeeFox is cool


I’ve been using KeePass 2 for a while now. It’s really cool and portable and safe etc. However, it doesn’t integrate with Firefox. Until now: A talented developer has a plugin for FireFox called KeeFox. It’s really cool. Here’s a screenshot: KeeFox essentially over-rides Firefox’s native password database. Instead, all passwords go to and from […]

Liking TortoiseGit better than git-cheetah


I’ve installed both, and I can’t figure out what git-cheetah does other than start gitk (which comes with msysgit anyway). However, TortoiseGit (like TortoiseHG & TortoiseSVN) are beautiful. In addition, it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Be the first to like. Like Unlike