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Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB SDCZ80-064G-GAM46 Benchmark


Fresh out of the box:

That’s 167 MB/s sequential write—pretty cool. Since this is on Windows 7, there’s no UASP support, which should improve performance even more. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) flash/SSD drive tests


I ran these on my (8GB RAM) Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600K (not overclocked) H67 machine. I compared a newly bought USB 3.0 16 GB drive to an internal Kingston SATA and a previously purchased 8GB USB 3.0. I also compare the USB 3.0 drives to their performance with USB 2.0 port speeds. Be the first […]

Kingston DataTraveler 101 Gen 2 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Speed Test


Testing these drives: – Kingston DataTraveler 101 Gen 2 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Cyan) Model DT101G2/4GBZ I got them free with some RAM. Here are the results:

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More flash USB disk tests


Tested some more USB flash drives. Running from my Lenovo work laptop, USB 2.0 only: Random 8G USB from a vendor

Super Talent Express Duo 8GB (capable of USB 3.0, but running in USB 2.0)

Super Talent Pico 16 GB

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Replaced my 250GB hard drive with a 1TB hard drive


the replacement 1 TB Hitachi arrived. So, I decided to take out the 250 GB hard drive and replace that slice with the 1 TB Hitachi.

FreeBSD and ZFS drive ordering


So, as it turns out, ZFS relies on the FreeBSD slice names to determine what goes where. This can be a problem, since the slice drive names can move around–if, for example, you switch what USB ports your drives plug into. Which is what I just did. I have no idea what ordering they were […]