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Using git with large files


I’m using git to keep snapshots of large files. These are outputs of long runs of tools, that would take a long time to re-construct. Using git has the benefit of true version control on the input design files, and an archive of the large, time-consuming outputs. The idea here, however, is to save time, […]

Stop git from showing unrelated files


If you have a lot of files you’re not going to check in, git’s default behavior of showing untracked files can get cluttersome (new word I just made up). Doing the following suppresses this behavior: In the git-config man page, it shows it as case-sensitive, but I tried it all lowercase and it works. Now, […]

Liking TortoiseGit better than git-cheetah


I’ve installed both, and I can’t figure out what git-cheetah does other than start gitk (which comes with msysgit anyway). However, TortoiseGit (like TortoiseHG & TortoiseSVN) are beautiful. In addition, it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Locking down a publicly-exposed ssh server


I’ve disabled all authentication types (including PAM)–at least the ones that aren’t disabled by default. Since public key authentication is on by default, I don’t have to change it.