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KeeFox is cool

I’ve been using KeePass 2 for a while now. It’s really cool and portable and safe etc. However, it doesn’t integrate with Firefox.
Until now: A talented developer has a plugin for FireFox called KeeFox. It’s really cool. Here’s a screenshot:
Screenshot of FireFox with KeePass menu, showing username/password entries
KeeFox essentially over-rides Firefox’s native password database. Instead, all passwords go to and from KeePass 2. It’s really nice, now, since KeeFox now asks if I want to have a site username/password saved in KeePass. There’s a little bit of growing pains in transitioning from the native Firefox database: passwords stored in Firefox aren’t automatically imported into KeePass. Also, it’d be nice to use KeePass’s password generation facility. (Keep in mind that this is only version 0.7).

The way it works is that when you start Firefox, KeeFox (somehow) detects whether you have KeePass 2 running. If you do, you’ll see a grayed out “Logged In” status on your toolbar. If not, there’s a button that says “Launch KeeFox” (you’ll also be prompted by a pop-down dialog bar). After that, the “Logins” menu expands (as shown in the screenshot) to show you all your KeePass entries. If you visit a site for which you have a KeePass entry (the web site matches the URL field of an entry in KeePass), KeeFox will auto-populate username/password.

In one case, KeeFox had trouble figuring out which fields to auto-populate. (I encountered this on a hefty WordPress configuration screen, where there were a lot of entries and KeeFox filled in my WordPress username for one of them.) Once again, though, it’s only version 0.7, and one can turn off the auto-populate option in KeeFox’s settings.
However, since I’ve been using KeePass for a while now, it’s a welcome integration. Only thing missing from KeeFox (and KeeFox’s web site) is a donate button.

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