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FreeBSD and ZFS drive ordering


So, as it turns out, ZFS relies on the FreeBSD slice names to determine what goes where. This can be a problem, since the slice drive names can move around–if, for example, you switch what USB ports your drives plug into. Which is what I just did. I have no idea what ordering they were […]

Locking down a publicly-exposed ssh server


I’ve disabled all authentication types (including PAM)–at least the ones that aren’t disabled by default. Since public key authentication is on by default, I don’t have to change it.

Setting up automated ZFS snapshots on FreeBSD


Using the port sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt. The make is taking a while, because it had to pull in Ruby. Luckily, my new FreeBSD machine has a whopping 160 GB hard drive. No worries. However, I wonder if I should’ve used the alternative. Just didn’t want to install something that doesn’t register with the FreeBSD packages/ports. Initially left […]

Sharing Samba shares between users


As far as the UNIX groups, etc., I created a UNIX group called [cci]Users[/cci] to house the entire family. The UNIX directory [cci]/tank/Users/Public[/cci] has the group set to [cci]Users[/cci]. So, only members of the group can read/write (at the UNIX) level, and only the wife and I can write at the Samba level.

Freebsd + Samba with ZFS


I then used the following script to create user ZFS filesystems under the /tank directory, for each user, and with compression on for the [cci]Documents[/cci] directory: