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OpenSolars 2009.06 to dev b130: Xorg modules, ICEauthority, ptmx

Following my previous investigation, it seemed like Xorg was looking for modules in the wrong place. I therefore edited Xorg.conf and removed the entire Section Files. That fixed the problem of X not starting.

Then, I had a problem with .ICEauthority. Apparently, it used to be in /, but is now in /var/lib/gdm. The thing to do was:

pfexec usermod -d /var/lib/gdm gdm

which updates the home directory for the [ccigdm[/cci] user. The next problem seemed to be that the terminal settings were screwed up: doing an ls would put the newline at weird locations (sort of a stair-case outline of text). I think this is the problem: So, I add

clone:ptmx 0666 root sys

to /etc/minor_perm.

After reboot: yup. That fixed the problem. Now, it’s time forĀ  VirtualBox.

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