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OpenSolaris dev b130 (Xorg crash) and SATA drive incompatibilities

I’ve recently got my OpenSolaris machine set up pretty much all right. During this set up, I disabled/disconnected a few hard drives. Namely, B) an external eSATA/USB Maxtor model 6Yxxxx 250 GB hard drive C) an internal SATA Maxtor model 7Yxxxx 250 GB hard drive, and D) an external 1 TB USB drive. Now that the set up was complete, I reconnected/re-enabled all the drives.

I essentially ran into this problem: which is a meta-bug of sorts. Basically, this bug describes Xorg freezing up because something else (could be a number of things) caused it to crash.

So, I decided to experiment and I started deactivating drives one by one. First drive D, then drive B, then drive C. Things finally started working when all drives were disconnected. I reconnected drive B and things worked. I then reconnected drive C and things broke. Seemed like C was the problem. So, I turned off drive B. Things worked again. As it turns out, I could enable either drive B or drive C but not both.

That was weird. I even tried turning B back on but connecting it in USB mode. That still broke when C was connected. So, I disconnected B again and connected D. Still didn’t work.

For some reason, I could connect only drive C but not any other drives (other than my boot drive) when it was connected. It didn’t matter if they were eSATA or USB.

I still haven’t figured out why this is. Right now, I’m running with drive C disabled and my boot drive, B, and D all plugged in. I don’t know if it matters but drive C has an install of Nexenta Core 3.0 alpha 2 on it.

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