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OpenSolaris dev b130 (Xorg crash) and SATA drive incompatibilities


I’ve recently got my OpenSolaris machine set up pretty much all right. During this set up, I disabled/disconnected a few hard drives. Namely, B) an external eSATA/USB Maxtor model 250 GB hard drive C) an internal SATA Maxtor model 250 GB hard drive, and D) an external 1 TB USB drive. Now that the set […]

OpenSolars 2009.06 to dev b130: Xorg modules, ICEauthority, ptmx


Following my previous investigation, it seemed like Xorg was looking for modules in the wrong place. I therefore edited Xorg.conf and removed the entire . That fixed the problem of X not starting. Then, I had a problem with .ICEauthority. Apparently, it used to be in , but is now in . The thing to […]

Follow up 1: OpenSolaris xorg failure after upgrading 2009.06 to dev b130


Update 8 AM This post on xwin-discuss explains the changes that caused this failure in xorg startup. Original Post OK. So, it seemed like a lot of stuff was missing. So, I tried to un-install and re-install the corresponding Xorg packages. I did a: When I tried to reinstall these packages, I got: The way […]

OpenSolaris Xorg failure after upgrading 2009.06 to dev b130


As I said in my previous post OpenSolaris image-update from 2009.06 to dev b130, I was worried that Xorg wouldn’t start up after I upgraded to b130. That’s exactly what happened: no Xorg. Luckily, there was an Xorg.log.0 (in /var/logs): Basically, a lot of stuff is missing from . I tried doing a , but […]

OpenSolaris image-update from 2009.06 to dev b130


Update 5:39 PM CST The reboot worked. Except I’m running into the following error: Only seen on the first boot. Although, there’s a person with a persistent problem: When I try to upgrade OpenSolaris 2009.06 to the latest dev build, these messages also appear, and the system never boots to GUI automatically anymore. Not […]



I’ve been tinkering with OpenSolaris lately. My intent is to take advantage of ZFS to leverage a small PortWell machine as a NAS. Unfortunately, as soon as the OpenSolaris install CD boots, it probes the computer and results in the following error message: WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci8086,8119@1d,1 (uhci1): Connecting device on port 2 failed If I have […]