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Fun with SchoolSpeak

So, our school has adopted SchoolSpeak as their online platform. This includes lunch orders, and I’ve been asked to help the administration out with some summary reports (at least until SchoolSpeak can directly support what we need).

Basically, I need to figure out how much money was made each day of the month, totaled by week-day.

Unfortunately, the only view that has this information is a summary of orders on a day-by-day basis. So, I need to:

  1. Download each day for the month
  2. For each day, grab the total and keep it in a running sum (categorized by week-day)
  3. Email the result to the admin

For #1, I have a single day download-able via Selenium. (Which rocks by the way!) So, it’s just a matter of making it iterate over days of the month. To do that, I need to:

  1. Accept (probably from the command-line) an month/year combination
  2. Figure out how many days there are in that month
  3. Run over a range of days and download each day. (Luckily the download is already implemented as a function which takes a m/d/y as an argument; I will probably refactor it to take a datetime argument.)

For #1, I’ll use argparse, and it looks like so:

The above accepts both year-month-day and year-month format. I intended for a year-month to be the entire month, but the datetime module will parse it as year-month-1 (1st of the month), so I’ll need to add a command-line parameter to iterate over the month.

Speaking of which, how do I figure out how many days in a month? Turns out there’s a calendar module for that. And it has an iterator over days of the month. Sweet!

Knowing that, let’s make my get-date function always return an iteratable of’s:

More to follow…

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