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Fail on IronRuby 1.1: hacking the configuration (app.config or exe.config) file location

Summary: I can’t get IronRuby to over-ride where it gets its app.config file.

Because I’m glutton for punishment, I decided to try out IronRuby to do some dev work in .NET. I went with the latest IronRuby, which is in .NET 4.0–mostly because it integrates with Visual Studio 2010.

One of my first stumbling blocks is that by default, you can’t call .NET 2.0 assemblies from .NET 4.0. To enable such cross-calling, you need to have an app.config that looks like so:

That’s great, but where do I put this? I wouldn’t mind changing the global ir.exe.config file, but I can’t find that with IronRuby 1.1. I found a solution here: IronRuby and the Configuration (app.config or exe.config) « vaderpi’s random rants. The author warns that it is a hack and probably won’t work with newer .NET versions. That is the case. I can’t get it to work on .NET 4.0.

If I had it to do over again, I might’ve gone with IronPython–which have latest releases for .NET 2.0SP1 and .NET 4.0. I don’t know if either (or both) of these integrate with Visual Studio 2010.

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